lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

. . .

The only problem was this love story could not stop looking at your eyes, hear your voice, feel your hugs. There was a world without you. Well, I guess it is hopeless. You know? You taught me a thousand different things, I learned to laugh at me, I learned a few words need to make my day a paradise, I learned to love more and more, I learned to imagine every morning, taught me to forget names that were not yours. He also learned to lie to be happy, I knew I regret every look which I had, I lied to my heart and try to deceive you with something that was only the beginning of the saddest in the world. I wanted to. You were more than we could have imagined, much more than I could have asked. And never will become a reality. They have not even gone through your head as often as I drop words so hard, so painful. You had no care, or that you had to have ... I hate the way you spit on the feelings of others. But I love you. And of you want to get rid of my existence, not to toss my ashes. There is no remedy for someone who is dead in life. March, now is nothing more than another month. One principle he never had an end. A broken heart that lost her other half.


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